Your Privacy on Your Eatopia is a website providing research and support for people interested in prevention, education, management, and recovery from eating disorders, especially restrictive eating disorders. This is not a commercial website and we have no desire or intention of providing user information to any third-party for any reason.

However, the content provided by is hosted through the services of Squarespace, Inc. and like other internet service providers, most of the controls related to privacy will be affected more by their policies than ours.

Hosted by Squarespace

Squarespace, Inc.'s complete privacy statement can be found here.  While most of their policy exists to cover the relationship they have with as a user of their services, sections 7. Log Files, 8. Cookies, and 10. Bulletin Boards/Chat Rooms/Member Websites are also applicable to our user community.

Domains & URL's used by Your Eatopia

The primary domain used by Your Eatopia is; alternate domain names used to reach the site are and  All of the Your Eatopia domains resolve to either (the primary site) or to (forum hosting and some archived content).  All of these domains s are part of Your Eatopia and any of them may appear in Your Eatopia URL's depending on how you access the site.

Tracked by Google Analytics is a subscriber to the very common Google Analytics service for enhanced site statistics. Like Squarespace, Google Analytics track website traffic by IP address and provide us with no personal information about visitors to our site.

User Registration and Membership

Visitors to may use nearly all the services of this site without creating a user account. Registering as a user provides you with the ability to post comments on blog entries.  The interactive Your Eatopia forums require a one-time paid membership and allow forum members to start new discussion threads and communicate with other users who wish to be communicated with. Requiring registration decreases SPAM and general site vandalism and provides a better experience for most of our user community. Users wishing to register with maximum privacy are encouraged to use temporary email accounts and web proxies.

User Visibility

Only the site administrator can see when you have logged in to (via the server logs) and only the site administrator can see the IP addresses of visitors to our site. There is no indication to any other user of our site how many people are logged in, who is logged in, what pages are being viewed, have been viewed, or by whom. As a registered user, if you choose to post a comment or start a discussion thread, the only information that identifies you is the user name you have created.

Lost Password Policy

If a user is unable to log in due to incorrect or forgotten username or password; and if they are unable to retrieve or reset their password using the built-in services of Squarespace, will not provide the user with access to their account. This policy was created because we do not track enough information to validate claims to a user's account and users' accounts contain no value, resources, or history. In such a case, the user must simply create a new account with a new user name. User names cannot be recycled.