Children and Adolescents With Eating Disorders: The State of the Art

Authors: Rome, E.S., Ammerman, S., Rosen, D.S., Keller, R.J., Lock, J., Mammel, K.A., O'Toole, J., Mitchell Rees, J., Sanders, M.J., Sawyer, S.M., Schneider, M., Sigel, E., Silber, T.J.
Worthwhile synopsis of all things to do with the onset of eating disorders in the young. Note: discussion as to whether cerebral damage is reversible (this review sites data that suggests it is not) is refuted in other equally valid studies. Problematically it is the ability to achieve a full remission that will allow for reversal of damage and problematically many studies are not rigorous in their identification and definitions associated with "remission" [site owner comment].