Personality characteristics as predictors of underreporting of energy intake on 24-hour dietary recall interviews

Authors:Novotny, J. A., Rumpler, W. V., Riddick, H., Hebert, J. R., Rhodes, D., Judd, J. T., Baer, D. J., McDowell, M. and Briefel, R.
"Overall, women underreported by 393 kcal/day relative to men and women evinced a social desirability bias amounting to a 26 kcal underreport for each point on the social desirability scale. Gender differences also were evident in the effect of percent body fat (with men underreporting about 16 kcal/day/percent body fat) and in departure from self-reported ideal body weight (with women underreporting about 21 kcal/day/kg)."