A Randomized Controlled Trial of Family Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy Guided Self-Care for Adolescents With Bulimia Nervosa and Related Disorders

Authors:Schmidt, Ulrike, Lee, Sally, Beecham, Jennifer, Perkins, Sarah, Treasure, Janet, Yi, Irene, Winn, Suzanne, Robinson, Paul, Murphy, Rebecca, Keville, Saskia, Johnson-Sabine, Eric, Jenkins, Mari, Frost, Susie, Dodge, Liz, Berelowitz, Mark and Eisler, Ivan
RCT of CBT with adolescents: "Compared with family therapy, CBT guided self-care has the slight advantage of offering a more rapid reduction of bingeing, lower cost, and greater acceptability for adolescents with bulimia or eating disorder not otherwise specified."