Perceived food hypersensitivity: A review of 10 years of interdisciplinary research at a reference center

Authors:Lied, G. A., Lillestøl, K., Lind, R., Valeur, J., Morken, M. H., Vaali, K., Gregersen, K., Florvaag, E., Tangen, T. and Berstad, A.
Interesting study on food sensitivity with patients clearly not identified as having food allergies (N=400): "A considerable number of patients showed evidence of immune activation by analyses of B-cell activating factor, dendritic cells and �IgE-armed� mast cells. Multiple factors such as immune activation, disturbed intestinal fermentation, enteric dysmotility, post-infectious changes and �local� allergy in the gut as well as psychological disturbances may play a role in the pathophysiology of perceived food hypersensitivity." Questions still remain as to the source of the symptomatology.