I can't eat this much! Is it normal to feel so nauseous and full?

Yes it's normal. Not fun, but normal.

Quoting myself from Phases of Recovery from a Restrictive Eating Disorder:

"For many patients in this phase they also have to overcome gastroparesis. [RW McCallum et. al., 1990]. Gastroparesis is a survival mechanism whereby the stomach doubles its emptying time to the small intestine, meaning the food is churned in the stomach for longer to try to allow for the small intestine to maximize the too-little energy coming in to the body.

Gastroparesis begins easing within a few days of doggedly staying at or above the minimum intake and it resolves quickly if you persist in eating the recovery guideline amounts, usually within a couple of weeks to a month. In fact the motility of the entire gut is slowed to try to extract as much energy as possible during starvation [M Hirakawa et. al., 1990] and this resolves during dedicated refeeding efforts.

Don't be tempted to lower the calorie intake because of the discomfort—just space the food out throughout the day. Yogurt with active cultures will be your best friend [C Coker Ross, 2008; E Nova et. al., 2006]"

The nausea will pass. Use heating pads around the abdomen or cool cloths around the neck (depending on what feels right for you). Lie down and rest. Nibble on seeds and nuts to keep your intake up to minimum guidelines and then go back to eat more when the nausea, bloating and sensation of physical abdominal fullness eases just a bit.

It gets better as you persist with re-feeding.