I don't count calories, so how can I be sure I'm eating enough?

Some find counting calories in recovery stressful and counterproductive to the whole recovery effort.

That's fine, but you still have to be sure you are getting the minimum intake because those with restrictive eating disorders are very prone to greatly overestimate their actual intake and you could be sliding back into progressive restriction and relapse if you rely entirely on "what I am hungry for".

The best alternative in recovery, when calorie counting is not suitable, is to create a meal plan and follow it. Ideally have a dietician or nutritionist draw up a meal plan that ensures you are getting the minimum intake recommended for your height, age and sex (MinnieMaud Guidelines for Recovery from a Restrictive Eating Disorder).

Michelle is a Canadian accredited nutritionist familiar with the MinnieMaud Guidelines and she offers her services on line, for those of you interested.

You can also ask a family member or friend to help you come up with a suitable meal plan to follow. Then all you have to do is ensure you eat and check off everything on your daily meal plan to feel confident that you are not inadvertently restricting while attempting to recover.