What is the MinnieMaud Method?


MinnieMaud is the name that I decided upon to reflect the foundational elements why the recovery guidelines are set out as they are here on the Your Eatopia site. "Minnie" is in reference to the Minnesota Starvation Experiment and "Maud" is in reference to family-based treatment protocols, often referred to as the Maudsley treatment program.

It is science-based because it stands on experimental data and not on the empirical observation of individual practitioners. Further explanation of the MinnieMaud approach, along with the Maudsley, Kartini and Mandometer approaches are explained in this video series: Restrictive Eating Disorder Protocols.

The guidelines for daily food intake are based on doubly-labeled water method trials that confirm actual energy intake for both males and females of various ages. In other words, the minimum amounts assigned for recovery are actually what non-restricting, non-eating-disordered people consume on average every day to maintain their weight and health. For more details on the actual intakes that best suit you, please read: I Need How Many Calories?!!